C.B.S.E. COMPETITIONS’ 2018             

Chess Competitions

  • CBSE Central Zone organized Chess Championship at Hansraj Smarak Public School, Dilshad Garden, from 05th Oct’2018 to 07th Oct’2018. Total 132 schools participated with 1680(appox.) participants and our 8 students under two teams bagged third position. Our teams were as under:


Category                       Name                                   Class                     Position

  • (U-19 Girls)          Anjali Meena                     XI                           Third
                                   Vanshika Gupta               XI                           Third
                                   Prachi Rana                     XI                           Third
                                   Lakshaya Gawri              IX                           Third
  • (U-17 Boys)         Vivek Negi                         X                            Third                               
                                   Bhavy Aggarwal              X                            Third

                                   Yatin Rana                        IX                           Third
                                   Rishabh Joshi                 IX                           Third

Gymnastics Competition

  • LPS students participated in CBSE National Gymnastics Championship held at Khelgaon Public School, Prayagraj, Allahabad from 21st Nov’2017 to 25th Nov’2018. Our 24 students from Classes III-XI participated under 4 categories as U-11, U-14, U-17 & U-19.
  • Gymnastics Competition


 Taekwondo Competition

  • CBSE Taekwondo Championship was held at Kamal Model School, Mohan Garden. Our student viz. Ritij Class X bagged Third position and won Bronze Medal.


Competitions at Dte. Of Education, Delhi Level

  • Dept. of Education Sports Branch organized Inter-Zonal cum National Qualification Round of Chess Competitions from 26th Nov’18 to 29th Nov’18 at Chhatrasal Stadium. Our five students got selected for School Nationals representing their teams as Delhi players.
    1. Prachi Rana (U-19) for Andhra
    2. Anjali Meena (U-17) for Gangtok (Sikkim)
    3. Navya Gupta(U-17) for Gangtok (Sikkim)
    4. Bhavy Aggarwal (U-17) for Gangtok (Sikkim)
    5. Vivek Negi (U-17) for Gangtok (Sikkim)


  •  Dept. of Education Sports Branch organized Inter-Zonal Gymnastics Competitions on 28th Nov’18 and 29th Nov’18 at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. Our 17 students participated under two categories viz. U-14 & U-17 teams.
  • Open State Gymnastics Championship was held on 3rd November’18 and 4th November’18 at Delhi International School, Dwarka. Our students won accolades as follows:

    Name                                    Class                      Category                                              Position

    Sara Arora                           III                            U-8 (Balancing Beam)                    First (Gold Medal)
    Hemant Ahuja                  UKG                       U-6 (Floor Exercises)                      Second(Silver Medal)
    Namish Ahuja                   III                            U-8 (Floor Exercises)                      Third (Bronze Medal)

C.B.S.E. CHESS COMPETITIONS’ 2017             

Chess Competitions at North- India Level

LPS students participated in CBSE North India Chess Competitions held at Rukhmani Devi Public School, Rohini, from 04th Oct’2017 to 07th Oct’2017. Our teams were as under:

Category                               Name                                                    Class                      Position
 (U-19 Girls)                          Vedanshi                                              XII                           Second
                                               Anjali Meena                                       X                             Second
                                               Vanshika Gupta                                  X                             Second
                                               Prachi Rana                                        X                             Second

Chess Competitions at National and Inter-National Level, 2017

The students of our school won accolades at National and International Level competitions, held at Sarla Birla Public School, Ranchi, Jharkhand, from 14th November ’17 to 18th November’17. The results were as under :

Category                              Name                                                 Class                      Position

(U-19 category)                  Vedanshi                                             XII                           Third
                                            Anjali Meena                                       X                             Third
                                            Vanshika Gupta                                  X                             Third
                                            Prachi Rana                                        X                             Third

Chess Competitions at Dte. Of Education, Delhi Level

School Games Federation of India (SGFI) organized Inter-Zonal cum National Qualification Round of Chess Competitions from 25th Oct’17 to 27th Oct’17 at Chhatrasal Stadium. Our two students Anjali Meena (U-17) and Vedanshi Chaudhary (U-19) got selected representing their teams as Delhi players and went to Wrangal (Telangana).

Sanskrit Week (Updated on 29 Aug 2014)

The Lawrence Public School celebrated Sanskrit Week from August-7th to 14th this year. The celebration of Sanskrit week provided a medium for popularizing Sanskrit and promoting the language among students and teachers. Mrs. Rekha Kumari, the Principal, encouraged the linguistic creativity and explored the importance of Sanskrit in ancient and modern times. The students and teachers commenced various Sanskrit related activities like Speech, Poem Recitation, Songs, Antakshari, Saraswati Vandana, Vande Mataram and also Dohas (from Bhagwat Gita and Durga Stuti). The activities proved to be a bridge between Vedas of older times and internet of today’s life.

Sanskrit Week

(Updated on 14 Dec 12)

The students of our school participated and won accolades in CBSE National Chess Championship held at Indus World School, Indore between 30th October’12 to 5th November’2012. Our students Under-19 category viz. Priya, Ishita, Lata and Jyotsna bagged third position and got Bronze Medal among 22 teams. In (U-14 category) viz. Vaibhavi, Riddhi, Vedanshi and Garima achieved thirteenth rank among 22 teams at National Level.

Our U-19 Winning Team receiving Trophies and Certificates



(Updated on Oct 12)


Appreciation Letter 2011

M S Rathee                                                                                                          Reference No. 311

Deputy Director of Education                                                                               Dated: 16/07/2011


It gives me immense pleasure to learn that the performance of the students of ‘The Lawrence Public School, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058’ in the Senior School Certificate Examination-2011 conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. New Delhi has been excellent.

It is more pleasurable to know that the Central Board of Secondary Education result of this school has been 100% continuously for the past several years; and besides 100% result this year, the quality of performance of students has been very high.

The members of the managing Committee, Principal and members of the faculty and students of the school deserve heartiest congratulations for this laudable achievement.

With a firm belief that this institution would continue to excel in all the facets of child development, I covey my good wishes to the entire school community.

Shri. J.C. Jhamb                                                                                                       M S Rathee

Hony. Manager                                                                                Deputy Director of Education                                                                                                                               District : West - B