Every student must

  1. Come to school in clean and proper uniform with shoes well polished.
  2. Be regular in attendance.
  3. Never be late to school, otherwise action may be taken.
  4. Have sportsman-spirit at all times, be fair and honest at work and always be considerate to the rights of others.
  5. Be courteous and respectful to parents, teachers and visitors.
  6. Keep the class-room and school neat and tidy; and throw the waste papers etc. into the Dust Bins.
  7. Reach the class room as soon as recess is over.
  8. You must not bring articles of value such as gold rings or other pieces of jewellery to the school. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of such articles.
  9. The students should carry relevant books/note-books according to the time table. The extra books are not allowed.
  10. Students should not bring crackers, colours, toys, gadgets, transistors, mobile phones, camera etc. in the school.
  11. Change of residential address or that of telephone no. should be intimated immediately to the school for necessary action.
  1. Absence without leave application is seriously viewed and in case of absence for six days continuously; the name of the student shall be struck off the rolls. He/She may be Re-Admitted after he/she pays all the dues with fresh admission fee and that too at the discretion of the Principal/Hony. Manager.
  2. For sanction of leaves for absence, a note may be made in Diary, at page “Leave Application”.
  3. Absence because of illness must be supported with a medical certificate. Students attending the school after suffering from an infectious disease must produce a fitness certificate from the authorised doctor.
  1. The Rising Time Column must be filled up and signed by the parents of class VI and onward.
  2. Parents must Check the Home-Work  of their wards, Daily & Subject-wise, before putting the signatures at bottom.
  3. The Tick Marks (Ö) in boxes must be put by Parents Preferably fathers only.
  4. Sincere Advice to students of classes. 
    • VI to VIII – to get up at 5 a.m.
    • IX to XII –  to get up at 4 a.m.
Instructions to Students
  1. Students who use their own transport should reach the school at least  10 MINUTES BEFORE THE PRAYER BELL RINGS.
  2. Students must wear the proper, neat and clean school uniform, otherwise they may be sent back even.
  3. In case of absence of the teacher from the class, students should be under the discipline of the monitor.
  4. LUNCH BOXES, BELTS etc.  must bear the child’s name.
  5. Students must bring their Books and Note-Books according to Time Table. These should be well covered with Brown Paper or Plastic Sheet.
  6. Holidays’ List will be given to the students in the first week of January. So it should be kept in safe custody because NO NOTICE will be sent for these holidays.
  7. Students should keep his/her room tidy, make his/her own bed, polish his/her own shoes, carry his/her bag etc. himself/herself. The formation of such habits early in life inculcates in the students the idea of dignity of labour, a fundamental personal virtue is necessary for a successful career in life. 
  8. Bring all the Text-Books, Exercise-Books, Pens, Pencils & other materials as per time table, daily to the school; keep this ready before the teacher enters the class.
  9. On Birth-Day even, the students must come in School Uniform.